Tuesday, 3 January 2017

My Last Drink

I almost feel a fraud writing this title as it feels so dramatic. MY LAST DRINK. Like I am a proper rock bottom, scruffy alchie.

There was no drama. There is no tale of struggle. But I want to record it anyway.

Xmas Eve 2016, we as a family look forward to a late afternoon meal in the pheasant. Our local pub is fab, we love it, we settled the kids and husband says "what do you want to drink?"

My favourite 6 words.

And I knew, just knew that I didn't want any. Why? I am tired........but its more than that......I know that we will drink red wine, my poison of choice, and I am sick of it. I am scared of it. I knew I had to drink so I told my confused husband "I'll have a beer, with a lemonade top". What the fuck drink is that? Well to me, and the way I organise the drinking rules in my head, a lager top is not really drinking is it?

So I had two of those, got the taste for alcohol and asked Mr T to buy me two glasses of white (still not as bad as red. Rules see?) So by now I had had 2 pints of strong lager (3 units each) and 2/3 bottle of Pinot Grigio (6 units). As is the nature of the lovely booze merry-go-round I jumped on the prosecco in the house and had half a bottle of that too (4 units). Mr T had stopped drinking when we got in the house. He always does this now. It used to bother me but now I don't care, especially as he never seems to mind leaving me on the sofa to carry on with the wine.

So that was it. My final drink. A raging hangover the next day as I was drinking when I was feeling tired and unwell (post viral fatigue) its like I tricked my body into drinking, by forcing easy drinking liquids in first. I have done this many times. Vodka and cranberry is a great one to start on if you have a raging hangover and can't face booze. A couple of those and BOOM your body is back in drinking mode. You tricked it! You won!

I know all the tricks. I am an expert drinker.

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