Thursday, 19 January 2017

Day 26 - Nothing Special. (Just good)

Almost a month in.

I wanted to jot a line or two down quickly this morning just to record how good I am feeling.

I think it is difficult to qualify just how tired and barely functioning I have been since April 2016. I am working away at mo, and I always take my running kit with me, it always stays in the car. I don't need it in my bed, or the bar or the restaurant (after I have finished work 'course)

Last night - again - instead of heading to the bar I headed for the hotel gym. Just a few miles on the treadmill. I would never have the energy last month.

Driving to site this morning I thought "I will just record how I feel today, how bright I feel" It is a grainy, dull January morning and I still had a spring in my step walking towards my car. I reckon all happiness must come from energy mustn't it? Even the happiest of occasions can have a gauze cloth hanging in front of the scene - making you feel distant - when you feel terrible.

I have been so tired for so long, and treating myself with liquid that just makes me more tired and makes me make wrong (not terrible, just not good) lifestyle choices, that I forgot I am capable of feeling this bright and alert.

That is worth recording isn't it? I feeeeeeeeeel good xxxxxxxx

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